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You know that scene in Objects in Space (Firefly if you don't know...but you should.) where Simon and Kaylee are in the hallway and it looks like he's FINALLY gonna make his move, and then Book ruins the whole thing?
Every time I watch that scene I can't help but yell at the screen.
Here's a couple examples:


But damn it I love my Firefly. Even if Joss Whedon is a goddamn sadist.

Ok here's a picture

I'll take more soon, just took it with my phone and threw it up on Twitter. Better quality coming soon..honest!

AAH! That was quick

My seamstress is a speedy pants.
I got my coveralls back today, stitched up and ready to go. Gotta rough up the patches a little bit...make it a bit worn and add the chinese writing...

Starting to get sick

Of all the fucking wank going on over at ONTD_TruBlud.


I'll have some time tomorrow to take the pictures of my stuff...taking it to my fellow browncoat (and seamstress) Heather tomorrow. Gonna get the patches pinned in place and I'll need to decide whether or not I wanna rough the patches up before or wait til they're on the coveralls.

I kinda like this whole "having a project" thing. I should learn how to sew.

But seriously....

Kate Bosworth needs to eat a cheeseburger or 10.

Fuck it...this is my journal. I'm gonna say what the fuck I wanna say.

EDITING TO ADD: So apparently on an "Oh No They Didn't" (otherwise known as ONTD, ONTD TrueBlood to be specific) site, which pretty much anything goes, I can get read for saying that. Geez, the woman has looked underweight for years. She went downhill after Blue Crush.

I should post on fandomsecrets...because apparently since she's nailing ASkars, that makes her absolutely perfect and can do no wrong in fandom's eyes. Kinda sad.

And I have it all...

Just need to get it all sewn on and hemmed and whatnot.
Pics to come soon, honest!


Got my Kaylee shirt...I'll post some pics of the coveralls, the bear patch and the shirt tomorrow!


My Kaylee Bear Patch arrived today! Waiting on the flower, heart and the shirt...then we'll be in business!!
Got everything purchased, the shirt I know is on it's way (yay tracking). The bear is coming from L.A. so i anticipate that will probably get here first. The heart and flower are coming from New York, and the shirt is coming from New Orleans.
I printed out a page that's got what is believed to be the writing on her coveralls...so that'll get added too.
The bear patch has been pre-distressed, I may distress it a little more, and I'll probably distress the flower and heart a little too.

this is my first costume project ever...I'm really excited about it. Maybe I'll learn how to sew...maybe make the big layer cake dress one day.

Eventually I'll get the blue jacket and the parasol, just so I have some variety for the costume.