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Well if you don't follow me on facebook or twitter, then I guess I should explain the source. I'll start by telling you about my best friend since childhood, Frank Marin. We met in the 3rd grade at Berlyn Elementary. I moved away in 6th grade but when I came back to live with my dad in 8th grade, we got really tight. It was always said that we shared a brain. A fact that remains true to this very day. More on that later. Anyhow, growing close to Frank (as friends ONLY...EVER.), I grew close to his family. We were both the youngest in our families. As the years went by and I was moved around some more, I remained close to him, and his family.
Anyhow, his mother, Melinda, or MoMo as I called her, died unexpectedly on Monday night of complications from pneumonia. The shock of it left me shaking, literally for at least an hour. She was 52 years old.
MoMo made me a part of her family. The closeness of her family was something I wanted for my own, and I was touched and honored that she cared for me, and later, my children.
I didn't speak to Frank this week, instead I spoke to Amber, his fiance, and Craig, his older brother, as well as a superclose friend to me.
Yesterday was her memorial service. I'm not sure if he knew I was coming or not, but the second the service ended I went right up to him. The pain on his face broke my heart, and all we did for about 2 seconds was just stare at each other. Then he stood up and we hugged...and he fell apart. Then I fell apart. I start shaking just thinking about it. The pain he was feeling I felt as if it were happening to me.
I don't think I left his side for more than a couple minutes at a time yesterday. We talked about MoMo, about our respective children, life in general, our geekiness came to the forefront. Our bond as well, when we started moving cars. We were both in agreement that we had given every one ample time to move away, so we said if they got hit, it was their own fault. He then pointed out to me that even with the passage of all this time, and the distance (because hey, our lives are busy and we don't talk as much as we should), that we STILL share a brain.
When I wasn't hanging out with Frank, I was talking to Amber. Amber is one of those people who remind me of me so much. And with me not being as close to Ontario as I'd like to be, I am grateful that Frank has her.
I could go on and on...but the point is...we have a small window of time on this earth, and we should be grateful for not only our families that we were given, but the families we make over time.
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